Power Marriage

Is your marriage on the front lines of the battle? Are you taking hits from the enemy? What can you do to strengthen and fortify your marriage? You are just the ones we are writing Power Marriage for. Power Marriage will propel your relationship to the place God intended when He brought you together. You need a power surge of the supernatural flowing within you to transform your marriage into a Power Marriage. That power surge is the Holy Spirit! He is waiting to show you a better way.

In Power Marriage we demonstrate how you can develop a vision for your marriage. It also shows how to fulfill the plans and purposes for which God designed you and brought you together as a couple. This book teaches you how to maximize the power in your relationship through agreement in prayer. Power Marriage illustrates how to use warfare words to defeat the schemes of the enemy. In addition to that, it depicts how your identity in Christ is a powerful tool in your arsenal to defeat satan.

Power Marriage is available now at Amazon in hardcopy or e-book for Kindle!