Third Cord Secret

This is not a how to book, there are plenty of those. This is a concept book which explains who to go to, to get the answers. We have available to us the wisest Counselor in the universe. The Holy Spirit is the wisdom of God available to us. Couples desperately need the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to transform their marriage into God’s best for them.

Their life will change by discovering the secret which is an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is wisdom and truth personified, He is our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace. The Holy Spirit is not weird or spooky, He should be our best friend! As scripture points out in John, the Holy Spirit is Jesus living within us. Jesus said that it was better for us if He went away. Because if He went away, He would send the Helper, the Holy Spirit to remind us of the things which Jesus said and reveal the truth of His word concerning our situation.

We take this concept of an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit as our counselor and apply it. For example there are chapters in our book on prayer, commitment, money and forgiveness. At the end of each chapter we end with a prayer designed to empower couples to hear from the Holy Spirit regarding that chapter’s topic. Our book gives the reader everything they will need to begin a dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit.