Joy versus Happiness

Joy is a state of mind. It is a state of the heart, the soul and spirit. Happiness is a temporary state that is dependent on current circumstances. We’re happy when we get a raise or a promotion at work. We’re happy when we go on vacation. We’re happy when our children make good grades in school or excel in baseball, soccer, football, etc. Then after happiness fades and fails to fill that void in our hearts, we begin the search to once again fill that hole.

As Christians, we are joy filled when things go well or even when things don’t go well. Joy is not based on how we feel but rather on who we are. We are His. The source of joy flows from faith in our Lord. True contented joy is trusting in the One who created us and knows us far better than we know ourselves.

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  1. I happeded across your site, and It is so encouraging , My husband and I have been married 61 years.
    God bless you


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