Great relationships don’t just happen they’re nurtured carefully year by year. Like a gardener taking care of his prize roses giving them the right amount of water and fertilizer. Roses need constant care (I was always amazed at my mothers rose garden and the amount of time she spent pruning, watering, spraying for bugs.) just like your marriage.

All great relationships require large amounts of time with each other to develop the intimacy needed to succeed longterm. A couple we know recently retired and moved to a college town to enjoy their retirement years. We had dinner with them several weeks ago and enjoyed hearing about how they spend their time together.

Both enjoy outdoor sports, in fact that’s what originally attracted him to her. Both of them play tennis and golf together. They have a great time doing life together. He retired early while she continued her freelance graphic design business. He would help her with the technical parts of her business as he is an engineer.

The point is that they’ve got a great marriage because of all the time they’ve invested together building their relationship. They truly enjoy each others company and that’s a great way to build intimacy! It’s the glue that holds a marriage together. Look for creative ways that you can spend time together as a couple building intimacy. Anything you do together qualifies as an intimacy builder!

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