Jamie and I have just returned from Bangalore where we attended the Vineyard Asia Summit for three days at Clarks Exotica. Afterwards we led a marriage retreat for the newly married couples at the Mercy Vineyard in Bangalore. Finally we had an evening to meet with a group of single men and women in their twenties to help them prepare for marriage.

This being our first international marriage event, we went with great expectation of what God would accomplish through us. Almost three years ago I’d heard God clearly speak to me that we’d have an international ministry and that it would begin in India. We went knowing that the timing was right and that God was in it.

There is such spiritual hunger for more of God in the people! Eager to know more, many of the men and women having abandoned the Hindu religion are racing forward in their quest to know more of God and experience His power in their lives. Before going, Jamie and I spent much time in prayer asking God how we could transfer what we know to be true about the Holy Spirit and marriage into concepts and images that they could embrace.

What about the practice of arranged marriage? What about generations of one family living under the same roof, how would be teach the concept of leaving and cleaving when married couples don’t physically leave their families?

Not to worry, God had it covered! We heard story after story about how some couples had submitted to their parents wishes and allowed then to arrange a marriage, others had modified that concept so that they were given much input into the choice of a mate. In still other situations, couples met and married in a typically western way.

We experienced the Holy Spirit at work in all of these situations. As couples submitted to the Lord in whatever situation they were, God worked it out. One couple, Moses and Karen, had an arranged marriage and lived with her family for several years prior to moving out. It was cool to see the hand of God at work in them and their parents as they submitted to God, He worked it out.

Another couple, Jagadish and Carol, had recently married. Both having come from vastly different backgrounds, we were able to spend a lot of time with them to help them understand each others perspective and how to bond together as one. We’ll be excited to see what God does over this coming year with them.

We’ll be heading back next year to lead marriage events in Delhi and Dehradun to the north. We feel a strong bond with the believers there and can’t wait to return. It feels a lot like home to us. The sweet spirit of the Lord was so evident to us in all those we encountered. We’ve made some lifelong friends that we’re excited to see again soon.

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  1. You guys are amazing! Am so glad that God brought us together to get to know each other.. looking forward to see more Blessings in your life and Blessings in our friendship… Love you both <3

    Stay Blessed,
    Jo 🙂

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