Collaborating with the Lord

Collaboration. Co-laboring. In marriage, collaboration is important because husbands and wives need to work together…. to be on the same page…. be in harmony and unity…as a team. However, what couples so often forget to do,  is to allow God’s Holy Spirit to be at the center […]

Restoration Spirit!

Jamie and I recently ran into a couple that we had counseled for several months back in the Summer of this year. They had been through some tough times together and he had recently lost his job due to a corporate downsizing. Their relationship had gone from […]

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made We went to help celebrate my (Jamie) brothers 50th birthday last night. On the agenda for the evening there was to be a roast of my brother, Charlie. I had planned to share, but everyone was enjoying the festivities so well that it […]

A Godly focus on marriage

Jamie and I believe that God has given us a specific message to deliver to the body of Christ as well as the anointing to have our message received by the Church. Both of us have come out of stable households where our parents have been in […]