The Sex-Affection Connection

Sex sells, doesn’t it? What have we come to as a society? We are constantly bombarded with messages about sex. There is even a hamburger chain using a sensual video of a woman eating a hamburger to try and sell more hamburgers. What demographic are they targeting […]

Don’t be moved!

The Lord spoke to me this morning in my devotional and I believe it is a word you will find very encouraging. I read Proverbs every day, the chapter corresponding to the day of the month. Today being the 10th it is Proverbs 10. A chapter devoted […]

The Haunting Past

The more we mentor, the more we learn that there are still issues in our own lives that we are dealing with. Have you noticed how when you have overcome certain issues, the enemy tries to throw them back up in your face as if they are […]

Distraction = Destruction

Our Young Marrieds small group is reading a book, His Needs Her Needs by Willard F. Harley. Its preface tells about Harley’s early encounter with a friend whose marriage was in trouble and came to him for advice. The friend’s marriage ended in divorce anyway so that sent him […]

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