Significant Germination

Just as a seed has to die before it can grow and thrive, so must we die to ourselves to live for Christ. The term germinate means to begin to grow, sprout new life. So must we in our walk with Christ. Our walk was good. We […]


We have been going through the purification process of late. The Refiner’s Fire and it has been HOT! It has been uncomfortable, hard and tedious. Needless to say, it has been a challenge spiritually. I’m sure that you can not relate to this but try to imagine […]

Plug into the Source

It’s such an easy concept to understand. We do it whenever we use an appliance of any kind. You get out the vacuum cleaner and before you begin to use it, you plug it in. Kind of simplistic but extremely important if you want to clean your […]

Alpha at IVC

This was Alpha retreat weekend! For those of you not familiar with Alpha this was the Holy Spirit focused retreat. Seeing people receive for the first time the gift of the Holy Spirit is truly an awesome experience no matter how many times you see it. It […]

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