A Christmas List

Jamie and I were in New York last year a few days before Christmas. It had been a very hectic year with much change (seems like they are all that way) and we were ready for some R&R in the Big Apple. We visited with Tad Blackburn […]

Holiday Cheer

Here’s a great idea for those of us that need to chill out for the holidays. It can be a stressful time visiting with family that can be difficult at best and downright obnoxious at worst. We’ve got some of that going on in our family and […]


Thanksgiving is almost here! That most uniquely American holiday we celebrate each year as a speed bump before excelerating into the Christmas season. Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday for us precisely because it lacks much of the fanfare and commercialism of Christmas. It is a […]

Expand your Territory

We’ve been reading Bruce Wilkinson’s “The Prayer of Jabez” again these last few days. It’s no accident that God has us reading this again in light of the mandate to strengthen marriage that God has placed in our hearts. The very encouraging message that The Prayer of […]

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