I cannot think of nor imagine a more essential quality to a successful marriage than the quality of kindness. Our homes should be a safe haven where we can retreat when the pressures of life begin to close in on us. Kindness displayed to our spouse can […]

Respond versus React

How many of you (be honest now) will admit to reacting to something your spouse has said or done that really irritated you? Most if not all of us have done that if we’re being honest with ourselves. Often this leads to an escalation of the situation […]


Great relationships don’t just happen they’re nurtured carefully year by year. Like a gardener taking care of his prize roses giving them the right amount of water and fertilizer. Roses need constant care (I was always amazed at my mothers rose garden and the amount of time […]

In-To-Me-See: Develop your communication skills for a great relationship

A great marriage is all about intimacy! Our definition is In-To-Me-See. We want to be undertstood by the one person who should know us best. Our spouse! That’s the goal of a great marriage. When we reach the point where we complete each others statements and are […]

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